The section explains how to create, modify, and delete an OTOCO order.


An OTOCO order (One-Triggers-a-One-Cancels-the-Other) is a combination of more than two entry orders, one of which is a primary order, and the other two orders form an OCO order. When the market hits the price of the primary order, it is executed and automatically triggers a placement of the OCO order.
Placing an OTOCO order automates the trading process: a trader does not need monitoring when the market reaches the primary order's price to trigger the OCO order. Thus, OTOCO orders save your efforts and time making the trading easier and more efficient.


Create OTOCO Order

The article explains how to create an OTOCO order.

Modify OTOCO Order

The article explains all possible ways of modifying OTOCO orders.

Delete OTOCO Order

The section explains how an OTOCO order can be deleted as a whole.