Indicator Descriptions


This section describes all indicators available in Marketscope.


Marketscope comes with a package of more than 50 widely used in Forex trading standard indicators. The indicators are called standard because they are an integrated part of the application and cannot be deleted or modified. In the Add Indicator dialog box, they are grouped in accordance with their types and authors. Some of them are not technical analysis instruments and included in the package with the only purpose of providing all sorts of additional services to make trading more convenient. They are called Convenience indicators and are listed in the Other group.

Not to limit traders to the use of only standard indicators, Marketscope offers an opportunity of adding custom indicators as well. These are indicators added to the available indicators by a trader. A custom indicator can be created by a trader with the help of Indicore SDK or imported by means of the import extensions operation.


About Indicators

The article explains what indicators are in general and introduces their basics.

AC (Acceleration/Deceleration)

AD (Accumulation/Distribution)

ADX (Average Directional Index)

ALLIGATOR (Alligator)

AO (Awesome Oscillator)

AROON (Aroon)

ARSI (Adaptive Relative Strength Index)

ASI (Accumulation Swing Index)

ATR (Average True Range)

BB (Bollinger Band)

CCI (Commodity Channel Index)

CHO (Chaikin Oscillator)

CMF (Chaikin Money Flow)

CMO (Chande Momentum Oscillator)

DMI (Directional Movement Index)

DIRECTIONAL_REAL_VOLUME (Directional Real Volume)

EMA (Exponential Weighted Moving Average)

EW (Elliott Wave Indicator)

EWN (Elliott Wave Number)

EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator)

FRACTAL (Fractal)

GATOR (Gator Oscillator)

GSI (Grid Sight Index)

HA (Heikin-Ashi Chart)

ICH (Ichimoku)

KAMA (Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average)

KRI (Kairi Relative Index)

LWMA (Linear Weighted Moving Average)

MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence)

MAE (Moving Average Envelope)

MARKET_MOVERS_INDEX (Market Movers Index)

MD (McGinley Dynamic)

MVA (Simple Moving Average)

OBOS (Overbought/Oversold Indicator)

OBV (On Balance Volume)

OSC (OSC Oscillator)

PIVOT (Pivot Levels)

PPMA (Pivot Point Moving Average)

ON_BALANCE_REAL_VOLUME (On Balance Real Volume)

REAL VOLUME (Real Volume)

REGRESSION (Regression Line)

RLW (%R Larry Williams)

ROC (Rate of Change)

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

SAR (Parabolic Time/Price System)

SFK (Stochastic Fast)


SMMA (Smoothed Moving Average)

SSD (Stochastic Slow)

STOCHASTIC (Stochastic)

TMA (Triangular Moving Average)

TMACD (Triangular Moving Average Convergence/Divergence)

TRANSACTIONS (Transactions)

TSI (True Strength Index)

VIDYA (Chande's Variable Index Dynamic Average)

WMA (Wilder's Moving Average)